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    ValueX Correction Tape Roller 5mmx8m White - 799500/1

    Product Code: 18225HA

    • Correct mistakes with white tape
    • Write on instantly after use
    • Ergonomic dispenser shape
    • Pack of 10 dispensers
    • Colour: White
    • Clear plastic shell
    • Yellow cogs
    • Midway action
    • Individually wrapped
    • Tape can be written immediately after use

    Inc. VAT £0.76

Product Details

General Information

Colour White
Manufacturer Hainenko Limited
Tape Size 5mmx8m
Style Mouse

Product Information

Brand Wizard
Type Correction Tape


Correct mistakes quickly with this pack of 10 Correction Tape Rollers. Roll it across the page and it leaves a thin strip of white tape that can be immediately written on, unlike correction fluid. The ergonomic dispenser fits neatly in the hand for comfortable, precise use.

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